Top 10 Most Powerful Frigates in The World

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Frigates are an indispensable part of any navy. These ships usually form the numerical bulk of a naval fleet as they are relatively cheaper than large destroyers and cruisers. Every modern navy operates frigates in some or the other form and uses them along with larger surface combatants like destroyers and aircraft carriers. The definition of a modern frigate by Defencyclopedia is

A modern frigate is a 3000-7000 ton warship, equipped with an array of missiles, guns and radars, and is designed to operate autonomously, along with a battle group or act as an escort for non-combatants, in order to fulfill a variety of tasks depending on the mission.

A warship displacing 5000-7000 tons need not always be called as a frigate, as many navies prefer the designation of a ‘destroyer’ for such warships. The designations vary from one navy to another, but the role of the ships does not…

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