Special Report : Analysis of Russia’s Airstrikes In Syria


In this special news report by Defencyclopedia, we bring you the second part of our analysis on Russia’s involvement in Syria. It covers the aircraft and weapons that their air force is currently using as a part of a large-scale bombing campaign.


The involvement of the Russian armed forces in a massive scale was certainly not anticipated by anyone. They were thought to be indirectly funding the Syrian government and supplying them with weapons, but nobody ever thought that Russia would send troops and deploy fighters in Syria. The completely unexpected part was the deployment of their most advanced fighter jets and precision guided munitions to achieve their objectives. The previous article in the series covered the cruise missile strikes conducted by the Russian Navy. This article will focus on their air force. If you missed the earlier article, do read it.


Russia has officially stated that it…

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Top 10 Most Powerful Frigates in The World

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Frigates are an indispensable part of any navy. These ships usually form the numerical bulk of a naval fleet as they are relatively cheaper than large destroyers and cruisers. Every modern navy operates frigates in some or the other form and uses them along with larger surface combatants like destroyers and aircraft carriers. The definition of a modern frigate by Defencyclopedia is

A modern frigate is a 3000-7000 ton warship, equipped with an array of missiles, guns and radars, and is designed to operate autonomously, along with a battle group or act as an escort for non-combatants, in order to fulfill a variety of tasks depending on the mission.

A warship displacing 5000-7000 tons need not always be called as a frigate, as many navies prefer the designation of a ‘destroyer’ for such warships. The designations vary from one navy to another, but the role of the ships does not…

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